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    About Us

    Studio of Classical Dance “Grand Pa”
    Dancing at Your Fingertips …

    At the heart of learning dance at our studio is purposeful character education, the development of plastics, flexibility, sense of rhythm and above all love to dance!
    Our children learn to dance properly, feel the rhythm, feel free to work on stage and much more, you need a professional dance. The studio also conducts master classes, meetings with people in art that improve dancing skills and good for the overall development of our students. To learn how to dance in the classical dance studio “Grand-pa” does not require any special physical training and choreographic

    • We can deal with from four to twenty years with previous dance training or without. Is set for the entire year. Here, the main desire!
    • Training takes place in the 3 groups, which are formed according to age and dance skills of students.
    • Classes for the younger group (four to six) are two times a week, lesson is 45 minutes. Average age group – from 7 to 12 years – is also involved two times a week, continued employment is 1 hour 15 minutes. Classes for the older group (13 to 17 years) are three times weekly session lasts about 2 hours.
    • Our classes are not watching. We immediately engaged. Our teacher helps newcomers integrate into the process of learning to feel comfortable with for a long time working on the Studio.

    Each year, students participate in studio Republican, Ukrainian and international competitions and festivals and has repeatedly won prizes and diplomas.

    Classical dance studio “Grand-pa” was created Choreographic School graduate V.Pisareva Golikova Anastasia in 2009.
    Professional approach to work, the organic combination of dance and acting, meticulous work on costumes, sets the “Grand Pas” from other groups of Crimea.
    Team leader Anastasia Golikova proven that relentless pursuit of his goal, creative research, the ability to not give up under any circumstances is the surest guarantee of success.
    We try to give their students a comprehensive training – a training program, for example, includes the expected and typical dances, some of the modern trends (Contempo, Art Nouveau). At this point in the studio’s repertoire contains excerpts from ballets such as “La Bayadere”, “Peer Gynt”, “Sleeping Beauty”, “Cipollino”, “Le Corsaire”.
    Involving children and young people to the wonderful world of dance, we have a very important mission: to ask the right of landmarks, form strong, hard-working character. After all, the art of dance, and bad habits, incompatible concepts. Dance – a charge of positive emotions and getting rid of the complexes. The enormous capacity for work and the desire to improve and as a person and as a professional here, they give lessons in the studio “Grand-pa.”

    It will be difficult? Possible.
    Have to work hard? Probably.
    But it will be bright, fun, unforgettable!
    Go with a desire to learn to dance, good humor, a willingness to explore new horizons. And then life will get new paint.
    We will teach you to dance!

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